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History of Autoform

Before our history with the Viper, Autoform was heavily involved in classic muscle car restoration, as well as production of a inhouse designed Component Car. Autoform made the leap to the Viper world in 1994, with the debut of the 1st removable hardtop for the original RT/10 at the 1st Viper Owners Invitational at the Michigan 500. Among some of the original customers for the top included Chrysler President and Viper luminary, Bob Lutz.

In 1995 we joined forces with Skip Thomas to travel the country promoting safe track driving techniques which evolved into Viper Days. Continued development of products came on the race track, where Autoform served an integral of the Viper Racing league as the original Trackside Support crew and constructer of many of the cars running. Autoform partnered with “Father Viper” Roy Sjoberg in the late 90’s to help construct a club racer Viper. Without factory support, Autoform went on to build numerous Viper GTR club racers, many of which are still racing and winning club races and championships today.

Autoform continued to develop street products for the original Gen I and II cars with ties to Viper Road Racing heritage. One of the marquee projects in that vein came in 2001 with the creation of the “Daytona 24” Viper, a street-replica of the #91 Viper that had captured the overall win at the Daytona 24 Hours the year prior. Nine dealer-bound cars featured a complete line of Autoform aero and safety products along with a paint and graphics package that allowed for the Oreca team’s accomplishment to be enshrined by cars on the street. With the debut of the Gen III SRT-10 Viper, Autoform developed another line of products for the new car. Autoform’s racing heritage lived on in this era as new cars added Autoform aero, hardtops, and safety for competition in addition to the continued racing of original Gen I and II cars.

In recent years Autoform Group has continued to serve as the longest continuous producer of aftermarket Viper products and services in the industry, along with the development of an entire line of 'AFR Cuda' Dodge Challenger products.

The past few years have seen a huge increase of product line as new, modern products have been released across classic Viper generations with an eye to the future of the car and ownership.

Autoform Viper now see some of its most exciting opportunities in the last 25 years ahead, as the company looks to continue the legacy with new products such as the A-10 Widebody, continued classic Autoform product production, and the addition of Viper restoration services.

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