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History of Autoform

Autoform started with owner Steve Dreyer's passion for creating automobiles and products that stir the emotions of automotive enthusiasts.

-Founded in 1988, then called Pro Body, it became nationally known for its restoration of C.O.P.O. Camaro's and the maintenance of vintage race cars.

-Autoform has evolved into a specialty vehicle design and development company, which works with tier 1 automotive suppliers to create show property vehicles that are utilized in vehicle launch programs, product displays and evaluations.

-Autoform has also become one of the largest aftermarket accessory manufacturers in the country for the Dodge Viper. Autoform produces replacement panels, aerodynamic accessories, light weight body panels, brake packages, suspension upgrades and performance upgrades for the Dodge Viper.

-Autoform also has a very rich racing history, please click on the "AF Racing" tab for more details.

-Autoform has a reputation in the Viper community for creating and producing limited production vehicles such as the GTR Club Racer, the Daytona 24 Edition and the Street Coupe GTS.

-Most recently Autoform has formed its AFR division to develop new products for the Dodge Challenger..

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