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These are made of strong and durable hand laminated fiberglass that will not warp like the cheaper plastic pieces. Or bend and get hot like some of the flimsy aluminum ones. We incorporate our unique design that follows the lines and shape of the stock side pipe cover. Side splitters can optionally be finished in satin black, or made from carbon fiber. They attach to the bottom side of the side pipe cover using the same mounting holes as the OE cover.

SRT-10 Side Splitters

  • Current production time on hand-made Autoform parts varies heavily based upon part, trim, paint, etc. selected. Please reach out directly to us for more info.


    Rough production timelines are currently approx. 6+ months for most products.

  • Select Offline Payment and/or contact us at or 616-392-4909 for details on starting order with half-down deposit vs. paid-in-full.

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