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We've updated the design ad construction of our AF-X Splitter. The part now is a replica of the factory ACR splitter, but still retains Autoform mounting points that do not require drilling through any painted surface.


This new design also features removable rubstrips with traditonal Autoform Fiberglass and wood core splitter construction.


We also offer an additional center mount for additonal strengh and staiblity, inquire with us for details and pricing. Mount als can be usable on other Autoform and competier splitters. 

SRT AF-X Factory Style Splitter

  • Current production time on hand-made Autoform parts varies heavily based upon part, trim, paint, etc. selected. Please reach out directly to us for more info.


    Rough production timelines are currently approx. 6+ months for most products.


    Select Offline Payment and/or contact us at or 616-392-4909 for details on starting order with half-down deposit vs. paid-in-full.

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