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The Coupe rear-end conversion for the gen III/IV SRT convertible is a simple piece that entirely chages the look of the car, wothout replacing entire panels or casusing major permanent damage to panels. The piece installs to the car with 3M double-sided tape and two screws in the wheel well, avoiding damage to exterior panels that would warrant repairs or replacement. The coupe rear-end conversion is available in primered or painted finishes from our paint shop.

SRT Coupe Rear End Conversion for Convertible

  • Current production time on hand-made Autoform parts varies heavily based upon part, trim, paint, etc. selected. Please reach out directly to us for more info.


    Rough production timelines are currently approx. 6+ months for most products.


    Select Offline Payment and/or contact us at or 616-392-4909 for details on starting order with half-down deposit vs. paid-in-full.

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